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Founder/director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). AIMI members advocate for justice and compassion for America's 1.25 million mentally ill inmates in the tradition of Dorothea Dix. AIMI also advocates against the death penalty, wrongful convictions, excessive sentencing, and overuse of force by police officers. We believe prison profiteering is responsible for America imprisoning more people than any nation in world history, creating a tremendous tax burden, overcrowded prisons, and human rights abuses to inmates, half of whom are sick people who should be either treated in their communities or hospitals at reduced cost.  The HubPages input will report positive developments in justice, highlight and congratulate people, agencies, and organizations that contribute to positive change.

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    Awesome God, by Mary Neal

    19 months ago

    Treachery exists in the world. But Jesus overcame the world, and we can trust Him. Our awesome God loves justice and will never be defeated. His Word has promises for those who rely on His power to protect and provide....

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    Food Stamp Slave Reparations

    5 months ago

    GOOD NEWS FOR JUSTICE! I still have my fingers despite using them for the last six years to publish government misdeeds, so that proves America has good points. And although my income, phone, and computer usage are...

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    Lynching America

    3 years ago

    America's first slaves were indigenous people and Africans. Whites were also imported from Europe's prisons and ghettos to serve the elite. Asians immigrated and performed menial labor, as Latinos do today. The...

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    Treated Worse Than Dogs: Cochran Firm Clients

    3 years ago

    The best news for justice is that God loves justice. There are many victims rights groups to help people adjust after they or their loved ones were victimized. Some people are able to forgive when they suffer wrongs,...

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